We supply tags and tickets for printing through Thermal printers and for hand application, either on rolls, fanfold or individual. We have thousands of cutters in stock and can offer competitive supplies in the following formats:
Tags – Perfed – Tied hole – Creased

We can produce Roll and fanfold Labels and tags in the following materials:

Thermal transfer Board – Uncoated, 1-side coated, 2-side coated
Thermal Direct Board – Uncoated, top-coated

We also have a synthetic material suitable for garden tags or attaching to fencing and outdoor products.


salejh5Promotional Tags and Tickets

Promote your products by branding; make them stand out, available on rolls or fanfold.

shelf_edge_labelsRetail Tickets and Tags

Clothing labels and tickets, shelf edge tickets, jewellery tags, creased overriders etc.

Industrial tickets

For ease of tracking and distribution Crate cards, Pallet tickets, Fencing tickets, Outdoor tickets or specifically sized card for cages and crates.

Food Tags and Tickets

Tickets and tags to promote your food products, from shelf edge tickets to card sleeves.

plant-tagsPlant Tags / Garden Centre tags

Wraparound outdoor tags made from synthetic materials that are weather and moisture resistant