We can supply compatible ribbons for virtually any make or model of printer, these include Zebra, Eltron, Toshiba Tec, Avery Dennison, Monarch, Datamax, Intermec, Sato, Citizen and many more, in black or colours.

We have an extensive knowledge of the label industry and know the importance of the ribbon/label material compatibility. We will advise on the most suitable ribbon for your application ensuring high quality printed barcodes, text and graphics.

We have available a wide range of thermal printer ribbons in wax, wax resin and resin in a large range of sizes and grades. We can also supply coloured ribbons, so whatever your printing requirements, contact one of our sales team for more details.

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Wax Ribbons


Wax ribbons are designed to give outstanding print performance on plain and coated papers. It gives a clear, crisp and bold print making it ideal for standard printing applications. The wax ribbon requires standard printer energy settings and will give excellent quality on low-cost substrates. It is a low level of durability and the lowest cost.

Recommended applications

Typically wax ribbons are used on Vellum, uncoated, matt-coated, semi-gloss, tag and board materials, where scratch resistance is not important.

Wax-Resin Ribbons


Wax-resin ribbons give very good all round performance for printing dark, crisp images and bar codes on a range of paper and synthetic materials. It is a durable smudge and scratch resistant product. Typically it is used on synthetic materials but can be used on paper if higher levels of smudge and scratch resistance is required. The wax-resin ribbon requires medium to high printer energy settings and is medium cost.

Recommended applications

Coated and uncoated paper and tag stock, synthetics, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyolefin, gloss papers.

Resin Ribbons


Resin ribbons are recommended where high durability of the printed image is required. It offers excellent scratch resistance and can be used over a wide range of product. It will maximum performance when used with a high printer energy setting. Ideal for very smooth synthetics, with the highest level of durability and resistance to heat and chemicals, it also the highest cost.

Recommended applications

Coated and synthetic materials, polyethylene, polypropylene, polyesters.